PUBLISHED : 2008-10-02 18:50:12

EVGA med nyt 790i SLI FTW Digital bundkort

EVGA har tilføjet deres nye 790i SLI FTW Digital bundkort til rækken over produkter.

EVGA har tilføjet deres nye 790i SLI FTW Digital bundkort til rækken over produkter.

Bundkortet har blandt andet udvidede muligheder for regulering af volten i BIOS, og benytter udelukkende solid state kondensatorer. 790i SLI FTW Digital bundkortet giver mulighed for +2000MHz på DDR3 hukommelsen og +1600MHz på front side bussen.

790i SLI FTW Digital understøtter både tre vejs SLI, SLI og NVIDIA PhysX.

• Intel socket 775 45nm CPU ready for Intel Core 2 Duo “Yorkfield” and Intel Core 2
  Quad “Wolfdale”.
• 3x PCIe 2.0 x16 slots for highest PCIe bus bandwidth
• NVIDIA next generation SLI-2 certified, combining true SLI and PhysX in a 3-way-SLI
• EVGA 8 phase digital power supply design for utmost stability in extreme over-clocking
  environment (replacing a 6 phase analogue reference power supply). 
• 100% solid state capacitors and all ferrite core chokes to precisely sharpen the signal
  and to reduce the signal’s noise to extend the over-clocking range.
• EVGA enthusiast BIOS for advanced over-clocking, including a complete menu of
  validated over-clocking voltage settings to also introduce the less ex-perienced
  enthusiast step-by-step to advanced voltage settings (Dummy OC from 5% - 25% over-
• Extreme manual over-clocking supported by an extended range of signal-stabilized
  BIOS voltage settings.
• “Vdroop” BIOS settings to extend and stabilize the over-clocking range at heavy CPU
• Supporting 2000+ MHz 128 bit dual-channel DDR3 memory and 1600+ MHz FSB.
• EVGA clear CMOS button, power- and reset button with EVGA status LED and EVGA CPU
  temperature indicator.
• Diagnostic LED for simplified trouble shooting
• 9 SATA-2 ports with support for RAID 0, 1, 0+1, 5, JBOD
• HD Audio - 7.1 Channel, Azalia (HAD)
• 2 native 1Gb Ethernet connectors
• 10 USB 2.0 connectors
• 2 IEEE 1394 Firewire connectors  
• Innovative sideway exhaust chipset cooling.