PUBLISHED : 2019-03-27 11:27:47

Cooler Master modtager tre Red Dot Awards: Product Design 2019

Cooler Master har modtaget tre priser fra en af verdens største designkonkurrencer, Red Dot Award: Produktdesign 2019.

Cooler Master har modtaget tre priser fra en af verdens største designkonkurrencer, Red Dot Award: Produktdesign 2019. I år med mere end 5.500 produkter i konkurrencen, fokuserede juryen på kriterier som niveauet af innovation, funktionalitet, formel kvalitet, lang levetid og ergonomi.


Følgende produkter fik en pris for et fremragende design;

• MasterCase SL600M
• MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage har tidligere testet COSMOS C700M.

Læs testen af Cooler Master - Cosmos C700M - hvis dit kabinet var en sportsvogn

Om MasterCase SL600M skriver Cooler Master:

Fusing together professional aesthetics and gaming functionality takes more than just exterior changes—it challenges the conventional perspective of system layouts and cooling methods. Instead of using brute-force cooling methods, the chassis takes advantage of the natural rise of heat by utilizing the efficiency of the 2x200mm fans. The vertical layout, the 200mm fans, and the front and rear panels all function to support the natural convection of heat. Airflow is unobstructed with the PSU placed out of the way, while the panels have minimal holes to prevent the recirculation of heat as they efficiently guide the flow of hot air through the chassis and out of the top. Component fans, like the graphics card or CPU, rely on thermal feedback to control their RPM. Cooling to those components results in a lower RPM, reducing system noise.

Om MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage skriver Cooler Master:

The new MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage is an inspired design by Cooler Master’s unique Mirage lighting effect, previously introduced by our MasterFan RGB series. An aesthetic that is both suitable for gaming and appealing to professions is created with full Addressable RGB lighting in the pump and fans. The pump of the ML240P Mirage was reengineered for users to be able to see the actual propeller inside of a pump without sacrificing performance. Not only are the internal aspects of the pump addressed but the external pump is also finished with a tinted-mirror coating to create the perfect ambient lighting that can be customized to suit the needs of any user.

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