Intel Xeon W-3175X 28-core processor lanceret. Pris 20000 kroner

Intel har i dag lanceret næste generation af Intel Xeon serien, som gemmer på monster processoren W-3175X.

Intel har i dag lanceret næste generation af Intel Xeon serien, som gemmer på monster processoren W-3175X.

Intel Xeon W-3175X CPU’en byder på ulåste 28-cores, og bliver den CPU på markedet med fleste cores og threads, CPU PCIe lanes, og hukommelses kapacitet hos Intel til dato.


Features på den nye Intel Xeon W-3175X CPU inkluderer :


– Intel Mesh Architecture, which delivers low latency and high data bandwidth between CPU cores, cache, memory and I/O while increasing the number of cores per processor – a critical need for the demanding, highly-threaded workloads of creators and experts.

– Intel Extreme Tuning Utility, a precision toolset that helps experienced overclockers optimize their experience with unlocked processors.

– Intel Extreme Memory Profile, which simplifies the overclockingexperience by removing the guesswork of memory overclocking.

– Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel AVX-512) ratio offset and memory controller trim voltage control that allow for optimization of overclocking frequencies regardless of SSE or AVX workloads, and allow maximization of memory overclocking.

– Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 that delivers frequencies up to 4.3 GHz.

– Up to 68 platform PCIe lanes, 38.5 MB Intel Smart Cache, 6-channel DDR4 memory support with up to 512 GB at 2666 MHz, and ECC and standard RAS support power peripherals and high-speed tools.

– Intel C621 chipset based systems designed to support the Intel Xeon W-3175X processor allow professional content creators to achieve a new level of performance.

– Asetek 690LX-PN all-in-one liquid cooler, a custom created solution sold separately by Asetek, helps ensure the processor runs smoothly at both stock settings and while overclocking.

– With the Intel Xeon W-3175 processor, build the “Infiltrator Demo” in Unreal Engine up to 1.52x faster compared with the Intel Core i9-9980XE processor.

– The Intel Xeon W-3175X processor is available from system integrators that develop purpose-built desktop workstations.


Specifications of the new Intel Xeon W-3175X 28-core processor include :


– Intel Xeon W-3175X:
– Base Clock Speed (GHz): 3.10
– Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 Maximum Single Core Turbo Frequency (GHz): 4.3
– Cores/Threads: 28/56
– TDP: 255W
– Intel Smart Cache: 38.5 MB
– Unlocked: Yes
– Platform PCIE Lanes: Up to 68
– Memory Support: Six Channels, DDR4-2666
– Standard RAS Support: Yes
– ECC Support: Yes
– RCP Pricing (USD 1K): $2,999 (per unit in 1000-unit tray quantities)


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