No Man's Sky Beyond introducerer Vulkan API

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Nye opdateringer er allerede blevet rullet ud til No Man's Sky Beyond-spillet denne uge, hvilket bringer det med støtte til Vulkan API såvel som et væld af forbedringer, tweaks, bug fixes og nye funktioner, gamere kan nyde.

No Man's Sky Beyond blev officielt lanceret i går og opdateres allerede for at løse en række stabilitetsproblemer.

Fra producents side forlyder det:

“No Man’s Sky: Beyond was launched only yesterday, and we are overwhelmed and delighted by the number of players who have already spent time enjoying the update. It’s incredible to see so many players engaging with the new features so soon after release. It means a lot to us to read all your enthusiastic and supportive comments. Thank you so much to everyone playing, and especially to those reporting any major issues they’ve encountered via Zendesk or console crash reporting. All the information you provide really helps us track down and tackle problems quickly.”

“BEYOND is the culmination of 12 months of work on what was originally going to be 3 large separate updates. The more we got into development however, the more those individual pieces started to coalesce and become interdependent on each other. Virtual Reality is cool and a major undertaking for a procedurally generated universe, but virtual reality becomes all the more enjoyable and immersive when you’re playing with friends, be they VR players or not. Bringing the social multiplayer enhancements we wanted to make together with VR seemed not only desirable and natural but unstoppable. Remember that everything you see in our launch trailer can be experienced in VR if you have a headset.”

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