COD 2020 detajler lækket

Ud fra de første COD 2020 leaks at dømme, bliver der tale om et Black Ops reboot, som blandt andet vil benytte sig af en Modern Warfare engine.

Det ser ud til, at de første detaljer til det nye Call of Duty-spil, COD 2020, er lækket online. I henhold til TheGamingRevolution vil COD 2020 være et Black Ops reboot / remake, og vil bruge en Modern Warfare engine.

Desuden vil spillet implementere Vietnamkrigen i større udstrækning end de originale Black Ops spil. Spillet vil også være mere realistisk og baseret på virkelige hændelser sammenlignet med de originale Black Ops frigivelser. 

Alex Mason og Frank Woods vender tilbage, som dog spilles af nye skuespillere. 

“The game will have a very gory interrogation scene, and will tell the Vietnam War from multiple perspectives such as the US, South Vietnam and the Vietcong”

- TheGamingRevolution

Nedenfor kan du finde alle de lækkede detaljer, som TheGamingRevolution har frigivet.

Call of Duty 2020 Details

- MW’s large playercount modes return, including 32v32. One Ground War map is a massive ice map with snowmobiles and tanks. Big frozen lake in the middle, forest on one side and bunkers with a train on the other. Very powerful flamethrower available on this map

- Most MP maps are classic Treyarch 3-lane maps

- Black Ops 4’s manual healing may return

- One 6v6 map is a warehouse map. 3 lanes, massive open field with a sniper tower in the middle, one lane features a river which goes from one spawn to the other

- Russian-looking city is other 6v6 map. Lots of cars on the left side of the map, lots of clutter and map is currently too big for 6v6

- Killstreaks include UAV, counter UAV, a bomber plane which down all enemy airborne killstreaks, dog (doesn’t know if it’s a dog which follows you or runs around freely)

- Operators return, Specialist look to be out

- Zombies to be a lot different than those of Black Ops 4

- Perks, Pack-a-Punch return but a lot more barriers to play and new different ways to play

- TranZit (the Black Ops 2 map) returns

- Aether reboot, unclear if it’s still the same story or not

- Chaos does not return

- DLC Zombies maps might still be paid, MP DLC maps will continue to be free like MW. Supply Drops will not return as well, microtransaction system to be similar to MW

- Creators at the Warzone event were reportedly told that Warzone will be the last CoD BR

- As of info from 6 months ago, some sort of Battle Royale was in development for CoD2020. Map was supposed to be Cold War, more gory, gritty and realistic version of Blackout’s, may be possibly added to Warzone.

Som altid med leaks, bør du tage alt med et vist forbehold. Selvom TheGamingRevolution tidligere har været habile med tidlige leaks, kan meget nå at ændre sig inden officielle lanceringer.

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