Udgivelsesdato for Aragami 2 bekræftet

Aragami 2
Gina Campoy fra Lince Works har udnyttet den officielle PlayStation-blog i denne uge for at bekræfte udgivelsesdatoen for Aragami 2, lydende på den 17. september 2021.

Aragami 2 er et tredjepersons stealth-spil, hvor du tager rollen som en snigmorder med magten til at kontrollere skyggerne.

“You are one of the last elite warriors of your kin, the Aragami. Victims of a supernatural affliction which corrodes the body and devours the mind, the Aragami control Shadow Essence”.

“Hello everyone! Today we’re so excited to announce that Aragami 2 is arriving to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 17. To mark the occasion, we’re also excited to shed some details on how Aragami 2’s three-player co-op evolves the ninja clan experience, along with some development insights.”

“Since Aragami 2 is a stealth game, we challenged ourselves to create a combat system with supernatural ninja skills, which also encourages stealth over brute force. We thought the best way to achieve this was to give our characters agile and skillful movement, which empowers subterfuge and stealth assault instead of a lot of strength. It also strengthens the exciting feeling of overcoming overwhelming odds.”

Source : PlayStation Blog : Steam

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