Raspberry Pi vejrstation

raspbery pi vejrstation
Hvis du overvejer at bygge din helt egen Raspberry Pi vejrstation, eller et andet projekt i samme boldgade, kan du hente inspiration fra Sridhar Rajagopal via Hackster.io

Dette inkluderer blandt andet detaljer om hvordan du opretter din egen ePaper-display Raspberry Pi vejrstation ved hjælp af et 2,7 tommer E-Ink display HAT, der tilbyder tre farver og en opløsning på 264 x 176 pixel.

Om projektet skrives følgende:

“For the weather data, I use Open Weather Map, a cloud service that offers a Weather API and that has a free tier plan available. It even has a Python wrapper library available to easily invoke the APIs and get the weather data in an object oriented manner, without worrying about underlying protocols and processing JSON results. For the ePaper display, I use an ePaper HAT for the Raspberry Pi by Waveshare, who also provide a python library for interfacing with it.”

Sridhar Explains more about the ProtoStax for Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure Raspberry Pi case are used to build the weather station. “ I wanted an enclosure that supported different stages of prototyping, offering protection and open access when starting out, with the ability to add side walls and the top later, but also have the ability to stack multiple units either side-by-side or one on top of the other, thereby having the ability to expand with prototyping needs and the addition of other boards and components.”

Kilde & Billeder: Hackster.io