PlayStation 4 systemopdatering 5.50 tilgængelig med nye features og optimeringer

Sammen med den nye PlayStation 4 System Software opdatering 5.50, kommer en række nye features til PlayStation 4 konsollen, som skulle gøre PS4 konsollen langt bedre på flere områder.

Sammen med den nye PlayStation 4 system softwareopdatering 5.50, kommer en række nye features til PlayStation 4 konsollen. Det gælder også for performanceforbedringer, tweaks, Play Time Management, custom wallpapers via USB, forbedret notifikationer, Quick Menu optimeringer og meget mere.

Mary Yee, som er vicepræsident hos PlayStation Marketing, har via den officielle PlayStation blog forklaret detaljerne i den nye Playstation 4 system software opdatering 5.50 med kodenavn KEIJI.

One of the biggest new features in the latest PlayStation update is the new PlayStation Play Time Management designed to provide family members with the ability to manage the time younger members spend on the PS4. To start managing users time simply go to the Settings > Family Management on your PS4, or log into your PlayStation account via a web browser from your PC or smartphone. Once logged in you can then start to manage and check your children’s daily playtime, and if needed applying playtime restrictions, setting playtimes for certain times of the day. Notifications from the PlayStation 4 will be sent to users during gameplay to notify them when they should start thinking about saving their game progress and quit before the console logs them out automatically.

Other new features include library user interface updates in the form of two new tabs being added to the library section, to make it easier to see which applications are installed and have been purchased on your PlayStation 4.



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