Xbox Stereo Headset kan nu forudbestilles

Xbox Stereo Headset
Microsoft har i dag annonceret tilgængeligheden for forudbestilling af deres nye Xbox Stereo Headset forud for lanceringsdatoen i næste måned, den 21. september 2021, og headsettet fås i den officielle Microsoft app store og inkluderer gratis forsendelse i hele USA.

Xbox Stereo Headset indeholder mange af de designelementer, der findes i Xbox Wireless Headset, såsom det fleksible, lette design med justerbart hovedbøjle. Microsoft har gjort det muligt at tilslutte headsettet direkte til din trådløse Xbox controller eller andre enheder ved hjælp af 3,5 mm lydstik og ingen batterier kræves takket være den kabelforbundne forbindelse.

“Today, you can add one more option to the list. We are pleased to announce our Xbox Stereo Headset, available for pre-order today. With the new Xbox Stereo Headset, we are bringing everything you expect from Xbox products like performance, stand-out features, quality, and accessibility to deliver immersive experiences across console, PC, and mobile devices.”


“To generate the best possible experience across gaming, team chat, music, and movies, the team tuned the headset to replicate the intended audio recording source that the creators wanted you to experience. The result of this is hearing the audio as close as possible to how it was recorded, by ensuring clean mid & high frequency performance with strong bass. And to take your audio one step further, the Xbox Stereo Headset supports high-fidelity spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X (may require additional purchases or app downloads).”

“Game loud and clear with the Stereo Headset which supports high-fidelity Windows Sonic spatial sound and crystal-clear chat. The flexible, lightweight design makes for a comfortable experience during extended play sessions.The Xbox Stereo Headset features many of the design elements found the Xbox Wireless Headset.”

Kilde: Microsoft

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